How do the worlds best extreme sports athletes perform at their best? What can they add to their training to increase performance and reduce their likelihood of injury? As an extreme sport athlete what do you want?

This article will show you the simple path to sending your strength numbers through the roof. Note: I said simple not easy.

As we discussed in part one there is more we can do with our time than body weight circuits and low resistance training. I would argue that there is far better use of our time than these means! Part one covered how to apply speed work to your training, now we will have a look at another method to help increase speed and power.

With the reopening of gyms in Scotland being pushed back to September 14th for now, most athletes of Scotland will still need to be creative with their physical preparation. This does not apply to those out there have their own home gyms. Nobody wants to hear how great it has been having one whilst the rest of us struggle through bodyweight circuits and minimal extra resistance!

With many gyms in England opening back up and Scotland hopefully not too far away, many will be wondering how to approach their training upon returning. Studying the research you will struggle to find how to return to training following a flu epidemic! However, we can use available research on periods of detraining to estimate how long until we can expect to see pre lockdown results.