At Reiver Performance we try to provide a service for you no matter what your needs! Currently these are the options available:

Platinum Package - £150 p/m

This is your fully personalised tailor made strength and conditioning program! Through the handy training app you will have all your strength and conditioning sessions on your device based on your goals, equipment and availability.  The program works around you, to get the results you want with the time and access to equipment that you have. This price includes: goal setting, regular check in's, video analysis of technique and individualised nutritional support.

Gold Package - £25 p/m

Sick of hitting the gym but not seeing the progress you want? Looking for top quality progressive programming? Our gold package allows you access to one of our Reiver Performance plans via Train Heroic for professional strength and conditioning from your phone. Compare yourself with others in the group and have all your percentages and max lifts worked out for you on the handy Train Heroic app! Currently we have the following groups available:

Reiver Rebuilt - £25 p/m

Stopped playing rugby but miss the structure the training week used to give you? That's exactly why Reiver Rebuilt was born! After many ex rugby players contacting me looking for guidance to get back in to training I realised how much we can all miss something to train for! It's too easy to stop training but keeping eating like we used to and watching the weight creep up and the body start to change.  A few beers on a Saturday are easier to notice when you haven't played 80 mins prior to them. If you are looking for some consistency in your training again and to try and get the game day body back then sign up now!

Consultation - £60

This service is primarily targeted at teams or individuals who are happy to program and plan their own strength and conditioning. This consultation can provide the guiding principles required to inhibit the best possible adaptations. I can help to look at what is available and how to best use those resources for optimal physiological outcome.

Team Programs - £200 p/m

If you are just looking for top quality strength and conditioning programs for your team to implement then get in touch now! I will plan team wide programs based on the information provided of what is required for the team and the equipment available.

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