Liam Anderson (Rugby)

"I have recently started with Reiver Performance after losing motivation during lockdown. I had decided to return to rugby, with being out of rugby for several years and being over 30 I was needing some guidance.

Right away I was impressed with how in-depth Dave's questioning was, having used online coaches in the past they usually like to keep it short and sweet.

Once I received the plan I was able to tell it wasn't templated either. I have my own home gym and Dave worked it around the kit I had. He even gave suggestions for exercises that I didn't have a piece of kit for but would work for what we needed to do. Dave took into account previous injuries I have and there are exercises in the programme to build up protection around those.

I would highly recommend him to anyone and I can only see things getting better the longer I work with him."

Ben S (Tactical Athlete)

"I have only been working with Reiver Performance for a short period of time but I am already noticing massive improvements in my Strength and Conditioning.

Dave is great at answering any questions you have an uses an app that allows you to track your training and see what you have got coming up next.

I would highly recommend Reiver Performance to anyone that is looking for structured programming that is tailored to you."

Ben Rutherford (Rugby)

"I got in touch with Dave during the first lockdown after I watched a video on him giving tips on gym sessions.

Having worked with Dave previously in the regional academy, I knew he was a top bloke and would be able to give me the sessions I needed to stay fit.

Dave is in touch regularly as he help me reach my strength and conditioning goals for rugby.

I would highly recommend Reiver Performance to anyone looking to maximise their rugby performance."

Rob Mathews (Rugby)

"I first got in touch with Reiver performance through social media during the first lockdown.

Reiver performance was essential in myself being able to stay fit and active during the lockdown especially on days where I felt like it wasn’t worth it with everything going on.

Dave has helped massively through his personal touch of constantly checking up on not only myself but every one of the athletes.

Would highly recommend to any upcoming sport athletes or anyone just looking for some accountability "

Clark Young (Rugby)

"I first got in contact with David when he was running a competition which I won.

Since then I have felt more motivated and enjoyed my gym work more.

David is a top bloke who's always happy to help and his guidance and programs are second to none. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance with their strength and conditioning and I look forward to the future of my rugby and gym career working with Reiver Performance."

Thishana Manchanayake (Rugby)

"Dave has been a great help in terms of me improving not only as a rugby player but an overall healthy human!

He catches up with you on a very regular basis with real interest and a friendly nature that goes a long way in establishing a solid rapport. He also understands your sport and your requirements as an athlete to succeed and stay injury free.

I think the fact that he is easily approachable means you can make quick and relevant changes to adapt rather than blindly follow a standard program.

I definitely recommend him and will continue to work with him until I get to where I want to get!"

Lana Skeldon (Rugby)

(Scotland Women)

"I first met Dave whilst training at the Borders academy where he was extremely helpful with my training.

Dave has a very unique approach to his programming and takes a real interest to learn his athletes and understand their sport and what they need most to succeed. Not only does he use this technique with programming he is also a very approachable coach who you can be honest with and will take feedback well and will go above and beyond to help you.

Dave is always learning and always developing as a coach and will always do his best for you."

Emanuel Silveira (Judo)

"Dave is the sole reason for me being in shape and injury free to fight all of last year.

Dave takes his time to learn your sport, breakdown of movement patterns and elements that go into your performance. These are all taken into consideration when a program is getting made.

Takes on any sport and welcomes the challenge.

Having had Dave as a strength and conditioning coach, I can tell you first hand the programs can be brutal when they need to be but you 100% see and feel the benefits!!"

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