This page was put together to help the players working with Reiver Performance, however why not share a good thing!

What is RIR?

RIR stands for Reps in Reserve. This basically means you how many reps you have left in you at the end of a set. Lets look at a working example: the prescription is 3x6 @ 5 RIR, so upon completion of the 6th rep you should feel like you have 5 reps left in you. If you had to you could do 5 more reps until failure. You put 90kg on the bar and do 6 reps, after the 6th you feel like you could probably of done another 7 reps. The prescription is for 5 RIR so you go up to 95 for the next set. After the 6th rep you feel like you have 5 reps left in you so you keep the weight the same for the next set! Using RIR is a really good way of regulating a program on the fly. Often with Reiver Performance programs you will see a guidance weight based off a percentage but you will also have a designated RIR to self-regulate. This allows you to go for it on days you are feeling good and pull back on down days!

What should I aim for on Max sets?

Watch this video on how to set targets via the Train Heroic app for your max sets!